Lens Coat Laboratories : RX Coating


The Technology

At Lens Coating Laboratories, our goal from the first day has been to establish a state of the art optical coating facility to consistently provide the highest quality lens coatings along with the fastest delivery to independently owned optical wholesalers and retailers nationwide.

Racked Lens

With the incredible growth potential of AR coatings within the United States, we want to assist you in building your AR business and increasing your profits.

This means more than just standing behind our work. In fact, our Performance Guarantee means that we:

  • Produce only the highest quality Anti-Reflective coatings
  • Will utilize only the latest in technology in our processes
  • Have the fastest turnaround time available
  • Continue research and development of new products, processes, and technologies
  • Work with our customers to develop strategies to increase their AR sales and profitability
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

To insure quality control, our products undergo testing in house and through multiple independent laboratories including Colts Laboratory. We also do “batch” testing daily in-house for durability, adhesion, and light transmission

Our Partners

We also work closely with equipment manufacturers, consumable suppliers, lens manufacturers and other industry sources to stay on the cutting edge of vacuum coating technology such as the Society of Vacuum Coating, and the Vision Council of America.