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Titan AR

Titan AR - Premium Anti-Reflective Coating

Titan AR is a breakthrough in Anti-Reflective Coating technology. Utilizing state of the art ion assisted electron beam deposition technology, this process combines layers of high index materials, including Titanium, and low index materials to produce one of the most durable and effective AR products on the market today. This 11-step process also includes our proprietary Super Hydrophobic/Oleophobic topcoat that not only repels water, oil and dirt, but also has both anti-static and fog resistant properties. This actually repels dust particles and keeps the lens much cleaner than before, and makes it easier to clean.

Our TitanAR® is produced in state of the art vacuum coating equipment. Unlike some of our competitors, our Super Hydrophobic/Oleophobic topcoat is also applied in chamber as part of our process, which eliminates the possibility of contamination of the lens between processes and increases quality control.

Our objective in developing our TitanAR® coating was to provide an AR coating to independently owned wholesalers & retailers that:

  • Will be the best performing AR product on the market,
  • Will help increase your AR sales through customer satisfaction and referrals,
  • Provide an alternative to requirements by labs which are controlled by major lens manufacturing companies,
  • Will allow you to use the lens of your choice mfg in your lab without restrictions on brand names or lens types,
  • Will turn around within 12 hours of receiving the jobs in our lab,
  • Provides an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.
Titan AR

Sun Shield - Custom Mirror Coatings

We also offer our line of "Sun Shield" line of mirror coatings. Our mirror coatings enhance visual performance by reflecting away the damaging effects of the sun's rays from your eyes. Our proprietary ion aided process creates a durable and attractive sun wear product. Our “Sun Shield” mirror coatings come with backside TitanAR and with our Super-Hydrophobic/Oleophobic top coating making them easier to clean.

Sun Shield mirror coatings can be applied to any type of lens materials. For best results, it is recommended that a base tint of at least 50% be applied to the lenses prior to coating. Base tints of Grey and Brown tend to yield the best results.

Our "Sun Shield" mirror coatings are available in five fashionable colors:
Mirrored Finishes

Contact us for more information or samples of our Sun Shield Mirror coatings.